Pls. be informed that the product I ordered last Aug.

13, 2013 20:18:37 and was delivered is not working or cannot be opened.The item no is 432068. Item SKU IV240EL68VDFANPH-60578. Description is iview 754 TPC 7"Android 4.0 4GB with WIFI (white). Unit price is php3,562.50 plus VAT of 427.50 is priced at php3990.00.The poduct was delivered in-tact and was used until yesterday Sept.

8, I cannot open it.I thought it has to be charged but when i charged it the pad becomes hot and i tried to open it but it cannot be opened.The last that i viewed was the date i saw was January, 1970 and the FB account need to be changed to a new version. I ignored until and later i cannot open it

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please cancel my order#325815185 it was double order.thank you

Silay City, Silay, Philippines #1221439

Cancel ORDER # 377654736. It was doubled.

Makati, Manila, Philippines #1116804

pls cancel my order 379792412.thank u


pls cancel my order 379619382. I will have business trip this january. Cannot be at home on the shipping dates


pls cancel my order 303366643


Cancel this order 303371443. Wrong payment method. Thanks


Cancel my order 306763781, dahil 10 days na akong nag hintay nito pero wala paring update. Tnx.

Dallas, Texas, United States #995632

Please Cancel my Order #304775391 it took too long to be shipped, im leaving the country thx


Please cancel my order 305182191.

Oriental Mindoro, Mimaropa, Philippines #970626

I I want to cancel my order, order number 305525745 tnx.

Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines #955771

Hi, im Lalain from cebu just to CANCEL my order due to financials my money is not enough to pay for it right now.

heres my order confirmation : Order Confirmation 303769487

thanks and godbless



We are from Lazada Philippines and I am sorry to hear about your concern. We would be happy to help if you can provide us your Order Number or Ticket Number. You can also call us at our hotline at 02 -795 8900 or send us information on your concern via our contact us page at: http://www.lazada.com.ph/contact/

Thank you.

Quezon City, Manila, Philippines #844567

I want to cancel my orders. Order numbers 301587732 . 306292246 .303912746..tnx...

:sigh I also bought an iView Cyberpad 796TPC. Has MANY defects.

It was not yet a week when it started acting up. iView tablets=bad product.

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