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how to change review on products?

i want to change a review on a certain product i bought. i dont know how to do it.

Irene Moore

According to Lazada Philippines Help Center, you should log in to your Lazada account. Then, click on Account and go to My Reviews.

Your ordered items are grouped per seller. When using mobile, click on Review to rate your purchased products and the seller. Rate the product with the corresponding number of stars with 5 stars being the highest.

To rate the seller, simply click on the smiley face that corresponds to your rating (Sad, Neutral, Happy). You may only rate and write a review on an item you purchased.


can u deliver my order today? i badly needed it for my son's graduation day for photoshoots.

224585198121386 here is my order njmber


About my refund

my package has been cancel..i have return the item last feb 7..i wait 1 month past...and lazada says my request has been cancel...why is it?what happen to my i a victim of scam?pls help me settle dis...


How to trace the transaction & who received the item purchase.

Good day! Hi, How can i know who received the item or purchase transaction from lazada makati philippines last feb.

28 until march1-7 2019? .and the payment used was under my name and atm account. May i know the full details and information about the transaction.

Please responce po as soon as possible. Thankyou!

Irene Moore

Your question seems to be quite specific. The best way to get the answer is to contact Lazada Philippines Customer Service by phone at (571) 738-5576 or by email at and provide their company support representatives with full details regarding your issue.


san na ung item n return ko last feb7 pa?

patulong naman po..ung item ko ni return ko last feb7 pa...til now no action parin...sayang ung pera ko 1935...pls help me settle my item...


Is my package already reached cauayan city ?

Let me know asap

Irene Moore

According to Lazada Philippines Customer Help Center, you can check your order status with the company Order Tracking Tool Lazada's system is updated daily.

If after 2 business days and you still have problem with your tracking number, please reach out to the company at and ask for Lazada Philippines assistance.

You can also track your parcel on the logistic partners' websites.


About refund

I returned the Drone product almost a month ago then a day after i returned the product in my lazada wallet it appeared the amount 849 i paid for the product requested to refund it thru LBC and i fill up forms fir that but until now I haven't received any remittance claim my refund but if check my lazada wallet it appeared there that withdraw success & also there's refund coupon appeared there which i can't understand what it means. U always go to lazada care center but it doesn't give any good response i alwys follow up every now and then and yet nothing happened i hope you could response to this matter. Thank you

Irene Moore

According to Lazada Customer Philippines Help Center, the company will send your LBC Remittance number to the email address you have used for your purchase using the following Lazada address: They will also notify you through SMS once the email has been sent.

To claim your refund, present your LBC remittance number together with a valid ID showing your complete name at any LBC Branch. 

If you still need any assistance, you can contact Lazada Philippines Customer Service Monday - Friday from 6AM to 9PM using their website-based chat option.


Why LEX or Chat Agents are incapable of verifying Delivery dates instead of delivery periods?

Order # 223149767995045-Aquarium Set. I have received email stating that my order is being delivered to my location.

Everytime, and I do mean everytime I receive one of those emails I receive my order that day. I got on Chat with two Agents to verify if my order was being delivered because I needed to take care of some business and If I had to stay home to pay for my item, I would. They could not confirm any date of delivery. But they did repeat to me the delivery period that has been on the website since the order was made.

Your Agents should have access to a LEX staff member who can give them this type of information. The Aquarium is 20 gallons and I know I whould not want to repeat carrying it to someone's house because they were not home to receive it and make payment.

Irene Moore

According to Lazada Philippines Help Center, they cannot provide the specific date and time of your order’s delivery as it will depend on the prearranged schedule and route of the courier.



I want to know why is it I order something and they send me the item that’s is not accurate?

Irene Moore

According to Lazada Philippines return policy, if you received the wrong product, you are eligible for a refund. You should file an online return form.

Please follow the instructions below:

  • Sign in to your Lazada Account
  • Click “My Orders” under account options
  • Click “Manage” under the Order Number you wish to return
  • Click “Return” to select the item in your order
  • Fill in “Return Request Form”
  • Print or Copy “Return Label”
  • Bring Item to 711, LBC or 2GO accredited branches
  • Take note of of your 711, LBC or 2GO tracking number

Please note that replacement process begins after the company has completed evaluating your returned product. This quality evaluation process may take 2 business days. Upon completion of the quality check, Lazada Customer Support team will inform you about the result via SMS or email.

If your return is approved, you can expect the replacement to be delivered within the same time they have processed the delivery of your original order.


Rename ID in my lbc remittance

I want to change the ID or the receiver in my lbc remittance.. i cannot claim because the remittance no. you have sent is not under my name.

Irene Moore

Your issue seems to be quite specific. The best way to get the answer is to reach out to Lazada Philippines Customer Service by phone at (571) 738-5576 or by email at and ask their customer support representatives for assistance.

According to Lazada Philippines Help Center, the name used on the Online Returns form should be the same as the name appearing on the government ID that will be presented to LBC for claiming the refund.

You will not be able to get the Lazada Philippines refund unless the name of the remittance is the same as the presented identification card.


Rider contact number

Can I have the contact number of Mark Joseph Sarmiento, a rider assigned at Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecjica please. Tracking service says he picked up my parcel today from Nueva Hub but I'm afraid he might not deliver it today as I am at work now, so i could just inform him to drop by my workplace.

Or maybe you can give me the contact number of Nueva Hub so I could just pick up the parcel thereat please. Thank you.



hi lazada can you send to my another email adress the remittance number because i forgot my password on the email i gave you. This is my email now and this is my order number: 219876180348418.

Thank you!!!!! I hope you’ll send it asap.


widraw to lazada wallet

Diko ma kuha ang refund widraw ko sa lazada wallet ..kailangan ko ng remittance for pick up my LBC remittance .pls.lang po maibalik po ang refund nabinayad ko sa mga return na items.. I want to refund remittance number. .



Nagrequest po ako ng withdrawal sa lazada wallet tapos sabi Success hanggang ngayon po wala pa po akong natataggap na confirmation message paano po yun?



Gd mrning..i want to inquire about i.c?paano po ba ang proseso nyo?at ano ano ang requirements?


Lazada wallet withdraw

How can i get the lbc remmitance number when i request to withdraw my lazada wallet?

Irene Moore

According to Lazada Philippines Help Center, the company will send your LBC remittance number to the email address you have used for your purchase using the following Lazada address: Lazada Philippines will also notify you through SMS once the email has been sent.

To claim your refund, please present your LBC remittance number together with a valid ID showing your complete name at any LBC branch. You can locate the branch the nearest to you through LBC’s branch locator here


billing address

hi my orders had been processed but i need to change the billimg addresa,how to contact the parcel to inform my new address

Irene Moore
The Lazada Philippines Help Center page provides detailed instructions on how to change the information in your Lazada account. Please check out them below:
  • Log in to your account.
  • Click on Manage my account
  • Click Address Book to update/change Shipping Address, Billing Address, Additional Delivery Address


how to apply installment payment without credit card



How to resend remittance number of LBC in my new email account because i forget the old one of my email account


Failed Delivery

Good day! I was waiting the whole day but the courier did not went to our house to deliver my order.

Then after I read the order status of my order it was already delivery failed and going back to the sender. I already paid for it.

My order number is #217863294191566. Can you please help me??

Irene Moore

Please contact the Lazada Philippines Customer Care team at to follow up on the order made. They will track your order to ensure delivery at the soonest possible time.

For faster response, you may also use the company Live Chat service.

Live agents are available from Monday to Sunday, 6 a.m. - 9 p.m., except holidays.


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