I am a fan of everything sale and not just because it's cheaper but the thrill of finding a better find than my other brand conscious friends gets me every time. I know the thought of it is a bit childish. Okay, maybe the whole thought itself is. But I can't help it. It annoys me how some of the people I'm forced to deal with blurt nonsense about how much they saved from a 50% off sale when in reality, P1600. 00 is still a rip off. I on the other hand would like to think everything I have in my wardrobe combined is still worth less compared to a designer handbag they got from their mom whether it was handed down or not. I bought a pair of denim jeggings from Lazada for ONLY P430. It's also available in another color. Now those pants were a steal. How can you seriously be happy about buying P3000 worth of jeans that you'll probably shove at the pit of your cabinet when it runs out of style? I'm not saying I have never bought anything around that price but I certainly make sure before I spend that much money that I can't find the item elsewhere at cheaper value. The jeggings are cotton and are still in perfect condition and I have had it for almost 5 months now if I'm not mistaken. That's a lot to be proud of given how cheap I bought it for.

Having impulsive buyers as friends makes me appreciate online catalogues even more than usual. It has just the right amount of information I need to seek my preferences and it doesn't even require much effort compared to getting out of the house. Most good deals are in online stores that hold upcoming and already established brands. This way, they can attract more customers. Lazada Philippines is one of the few sites that hold a massive storage of products and allows returns and deliveries for free. So far, I have bought an iPod nano, Epilin hot wax, jeggings and The Hunger Games Trilogy box set. I know I'm forgetting a few but basically, I buy deals I think are worth getting. Don't think just because they're all random that I just buy whenever I feel like it. I only but those with discounts and I take into consideration my transportation expenses. Since anything I buy gets delivered for free with no minimum amount, I opt to always buy online whether it is face products or not. There is so much to choose from in their extensive storage making the number of items they put on sale abundant as well. When you visit the website, you'll see numerous products of different categories discounted and it doesn't stop there. Each purchase above P3, 500.00 entitles you to a raffle ticket for a chance to win weekly and on the grand draw. They have perks after perks after perks. You have to try it out for yourself. Don't be a fool. Explore your options.

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