lex ph courier scam me 2 times connection to lazada philippines ,lex ph delivered to us earlier and said it was from lazada the items/order under the name of my wife ,I paid even though my wife are not here and also because it's from lazada the legit online seller then i paid it .after an hour my partner go home and said she doesn't have an order ,then i said check it to lazada why you have this following :

-Order no. 394951****82750

-Tracking no.


-Store name: wish trader store

-Seller address: santa rita olongapo city zambales philippines

When we checked to lazada there is no store that looks like this .

By the way, the content of the delivered order is a picture frame for the price of 800 pesos.

Question to LEX PH how do you explain this incident ??where did you get those items and then deliver to us ?? who gave it to you, is it lazada ??

Many scam connection to lazada philippines and the courier is lex ph ,also in facebook philippines you can see this .

I messege you lazada america to check what happening to lazada philippines because of this many scammers ,sorry for my sentence because i am not good in english ,i hope you understand my point of view ,i am fans of lazada but i don't want to experience again this scam from you .

User's recommendation: Dont order if the courier is lex ph ,there is many issue of scam.

Monetary Loss: $800.

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Hi PissedConsumer2637492, we understand your disappointments and we appreciate that you reached out to us. Upon checking your concern was handled by our concerned department and we are asking for the receipt if you already returned the item to any LBC/J&T branch near you.

Once we receive your proof of return immediately process your refund amounting to Php800.00 in total plus shipping fee that will be credited thru LBC remittance under your wife's name. Kindly reply to this ticket number 2050000045053684. For more questions and updates, you may reach us via our Contact Us page at http://bit.ly/2u8lDFO.

You may also reach us via our Social Media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, IG, Youtube and Google+, LIVE Chat is available from 8am-5pm Mondays-Fridays. Regards!


Hello Lazada PH. Where is my order?

I ordered a Laptop and "paid" already , August 14,2021 and got an update August 19,2021 which said. "Your package is on its way to our local sortation area." And after that no updates at all. And I have a strong hunch that "SOMEONE" from Lex PH got my item and marked it delivered. So meaning they stole my product.

maybe thats why I cant have my refund until now. Am I a joke to you people? Your Lex PH is a scam.

411320****59556 thats my order number. Kindly investigate Lex PH for their devilish works.

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