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I ordered a 9 inch pad from these crooked people. We used the pad and it took literally 3 minutes to turn on.

We have other similar pads and it never takes anwhere near that time to boot up. Eventually the pad didn't boot at all and was just stuck on the Android screen. We sent it back to lazada and they sent back to us and asked us to send it to the service department. We sent it to the service department and the young lady by the name of HONEYLETT, was so dishonest in her dealings that she actually thought she could pass off a used unit with a scratched screen, and we wouldn't notice.

She finally gave in and said that the unit was used but hardly used. She then told us that if we wanted a new unit, we would first have to send the unit she sent to us back (we pay for shipping) then pay her 350php plus 250 shipping. I told her that she made the mistake, why do we have to pay for her lies and mistakes? I wrote a letter to lazada and cancelled my new order with them.

Scam company and very disorganized when it comes to taking care of returns. They DO NOT HONOR their policies. I will leave my email address in case they care to fix the issue.

If so, I will leave that post as well. cleanocean77 g mail dot com

Product or Service Mentioned: Lazada Philippines Shipping Service.

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