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I was granted permission by my parents to get myself an iPod only they were thinking of the iPod nano watch my brother got them to buy for him. I had something else in mind.

I don't know if you've heard of the new iPod. If I'm not mistaken it's the one that looks exactly like an iPhone. I searched online the usual price range of an iPod 5th generation and most of the sites I saw had it priced at P16, 000. I proposed buying my iPod online so we wouldn't have to be hassled by going to the mall.

My parents are really lazy when it comes to doing errands so it wasn't like they were going to say no. My mom asked how much the iPod I wanted would be during breakfast last Tuesday. It was a good thing she was on a rush and I was able to let her give me the card anyway without giving out a price. Please don't think I'm being spoiled by lying my way into getting what I want.

Technically, I'm not lying and besides, my parents can afford it. Not that they wouldn't get it for me but I just wanted to move past the arguments and on to actually getting it already. I know they would be fine with it but I also know that they would end up talking to me about responsibility and how money doesn't grow on trees before saying yes. I ordered a red 5th generation iPod from Lazada Philippines because they had it a 12% off.

It was my first time ordering online but it didn't really intimidate me much because the registration was free and as easy as signing up in Facebook. While I was about to submit my payment, that was only when I found out that they didn't charge for delivery fees and that they can deliver it anywhere in Manila. I was learning to love the site with each click. After finishing ordering and paying for it, I called my parents up to inform them ahead of time that I bought an iPod 5th gen worth 14, 000.

They were shocked but were both too busy to deal with it right then and there. When they got home, they were furious that I spent so much on an mp3 player. They said they would have let me buy it but wished I mentioned exactly how much I was going to spend so not to catch them off guard. I apologized and by dinner, we were all okay again.

Yesterday, my yaya knocked on my door and said that my package arrived. When I opened it, I saw that it was yellow. I called up customer service and they said they would get it exchanged. I haven't gotten it yet after my driver dropped it off LBC but I did get a text regarding my concern.

I hope it gets delivered back to me soon. So far, I've been reading rave reviews about the site and their Return policy gives me assurance.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lazada Philippines Delivery Service.

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do you have any update regarding this?

have you receieved your ipod already?

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