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I bought the MI3 via Lazada.com in the Philippines as they are the only distributors for this phone here. It cost 10.599PHP. I was working fine for about three weeks after which it would not turn on, only a red light would blink. I have used the phone normally, no drop, no rain or anything like that - so being a Chinese phone I would simply this is a factory default and it so should be repaired or replaced, however for the same reason I did not dare getting it repaired/replaced if this where to happen again, so I claimed for a refund and did it within the 30 days maximum Lazada requires.

The phone got send back via 2GO using the returnform Lazada provides. And so the fun of dealing with Lazada customercare begins:

27th of August 2014:

A mail to Lazada saying the phone is being returned was send

29th of August 2014:

2GO confirms via trackingnumber V0935344B the item was delivered.

17th of September 2014:

I send a mail to Lazada requesting a status on the returned item, as I had not heard anything.

I get an email back saying the my item: Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player (Black) - Import has been declined for refund as it was in good condition and thus will be returned to me.

I reply via email asking the customer care if they do realize that I send a MI3 mobile phone back, and not a Google Chromecast. To be fair I did order such item earlier - However this tells me they didn't even open up the package and just immediately decline refunds.

I get an email back the same day apologizing for the misinformation and that my MI3 phone is declined for refund as it is considered a "GOOD UNIT"

18th of September 2014:

I reply and complain as I know it does not work and ask for a detailed instruction on how they came to such conclusion.

I get a reply saying that their in-house technicians and quality check department thoroughly examines the unit and concludes it's in "Good Condition"

22nd of September 2014:

I pick the MI3 mobile phone up from being returned and get the excact same phone back, it still dosn't work and I complain to the Lazada customer care. I take a video of the product not working.

I get a reply, saying that the matter has been escalated and that it will be processed for a refund, asking me to return it once again to Lazada.

23rd of September 2014:

As per tracking number W0212364B the item has been signed for and retuend once again to Lazada via 2GO.

1st of October 2014:

Once again a email Lazada customer care to get at status of my second return as I had no reply what so ever.

3rd of October 2014:

Again I email the customer care as I am still lacking an update.

10th of October 2014:

I again reach out to Lazada customer care as I still haven't got any reply on my status.

20th of October 2014:

Once again I complain that I hadn't got any reply.

Finally I got a reply the same day. This time telling me that the refund was refused duo to invalid reasons as the item is reported in good condition and it will therefore be returned to me.


What I don't understand is why my phone does not work and Lazada keeps telling me it does. Either do I understand why they keep on prolonging this case.

I have made all files available via Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B6hDNxqmW1iMdVNpbWJTaEVsZDg&usp=sharing

Especially the video showing that it does not turn on and the Lazada technical report seem incoherent.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $237.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Customer service, Customer care, Prolonged return.

  • Mi3
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exactly the reason why i do not buy anything over 2,000 in lazada


ang dami palang complaints dito sa LAZADA. baka madisgrasya pa yung PERA ko dito sa kanila.

napapansin ko mabilis silang mag sorry sa mga complaints dito gayung matagal na pala silang kikontak ng mga buyer/complainants . dito ang bilis makasagot kasi nababasa ng ibang tao. NAKAKATAKOT mag order sa LAZADA.

Sadami na ng mga complaints dapat tingnan na to ng DTI. ang laking abala.

magaling sa promises tapos pag palpak ang hirap nang mabalik ang pera mo. CALLING DTI PLEASE INVESTIGATE LAZADA.


Seems like your charger is busted.

Try using another USB cable/brick to charge your phone.

Sounds to me like that is your issue. Try it, Use another charger and see what happens.

Odense, Fyn, Denmark #898378

So now I got the phone back once again, still not working and they refuse to refund it.

I have filmed again here: http://youtu.be/tnFUw_ZhSLQ

to frederiklive Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines #932999
Hi Sir Frederick can I ask where is your unit now? is it with you?

as what I have read from your post the unit does a red blink right?

Have you tried pressing the volume up and the power button for like 30 seconds? Its because I have encountered that kind of problem before and I just did that pressing the power button and the volume up for 30 seconds and it turned once again...In case your phone is dead bat just plug it and do the method once again...I would like to hear a feedback from you in case its working or not you can add me on facebook Aphelion Quazar or camsethsum@yahoo.com...Hope to hear you soon as I would like to assist you with your problems regarding the Mi3 Phone :)
to frederiklive Niugan, Caloocan, Philippines #946311

The phone works fine I guess, you said its just blinking red, means battery is near empty, the problem is your charger! try to use different usb charger and cable, it will work fine. Trust me!


Go to DTI and file a formal complaint. They will take you seriously after you file the complaint.

to Mr. Lazada #1112079

nah he just dont know how to use it hahahahha

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