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Update by user Jun 15, 2021

I have answered the question posed to me from Lazada and they failed to keep any part of their word. Absolutely nothing was done for me after I gave them the order number.

We made an agreement Lazada and you didn't even try and keep your word.One thing that Lazada did though was take down their "Free and Easy" slogan. Now it is just labeled as "Easy Returns" which I argue is still just another statement by Lazada that is far from being the truth. If it was even remotely easy I would not be here writing this complaint because it is a fact that I tried to do the "easy" return only to find it like being in a field of landmines and barbwire."Only the person that can help you is the first person you talked to" is what I was told.

How easy is it to get back in touch with the first person? It is virtually impossible.Smoke and mirrors.

Original review updated by user May 16, 2021

I made an order that had 4 items from a store named New World Trade. I ordered a Bluetooth headset, two seat cushions, and some lip gloss type item.

The total was P996. I was sent a Steamer pot. Nothing else. I found that on the reviews for the seat cushions that somebody else did not get their order and was given a steamer pot too.

Looks like this store is scamming people. Perhaps getting rid of things they are not selling?

But I am going to use the Lazada's famous "Free and Easy" return. It is not free and it is far from easy.

You have to repack the order. But wait!

the box that the steamer is in is no longer shippable. The box has to be in good shape and the corners cannot be crushed. You can see in the images I provide, the box is not shippable. So I will need to find a new box.

Second, I do not have any shipping materials.

I don't sell anything so I don't need to but tape, boxes, bubble wrap, or anything for shipping. So this will cost me money for the items I will have to get to ship this back the "Free and Easy" way Lazada expects the customer to do FOR THEIR FAULTS! I agreed and I paid the FULL AMOUNT to have certain items shipped to my door. Lazada lets us ALL down when we have to do the work to return bogus orders.

So right off, I am going to spend at the very least over P200.

I will need to get a trike and the trike cost me P50 per trip. If I find a box, that box will cost me P100. P50 to go get the box and P50 to come back home. Then another P50 to go to LBC and the P50 to come home again.

This does not include the fees for the shipping materials. So the best I can say is it will be P200 plus. If I have to go to more than one place to get a box, every stop I have to pay P50. No Lazada, this is not FREE!!!


How many people like to wait in line at LBC? I assure you by reading the reviews on the Lazada website the number of people who are willing to wait in line is a small amount. I am sure the very poor who get suckered by Lazada have to go through this grueling ordeal to get their money back. Lazada will not send the order.

They make you a SLAVE to do their work for them.

It does not stop here. I start the process of the return. I fill out the application and I click the send button and nothing happens. Here we go.

Now I have to use the customer care. This is about the worse part of it all. I am not trying to belittle anybody. I am sure they have procedures they must follow.

But what it seems to the consumer that the customer care personnel cannot think outside the box.

But to my surprise, the first agent got me fixed up easy. I was able to file it quickly.

But then there was another part I had to fill out. This part was asking me the items I was going to return. It listed all 4 items of my order.

I had to check the items I would return. But I had none of them. I had a steamer pot. So back to the Customer Care.

And now it gets bad.

The second agent, I explain the situation. I cannot complete the for because I don't have any of the items listed to return. She told me that I would have to wait for the first agent to do anything. I personally did not ask anything that the first agent could have helped me with.

What do I do when I don't have the items to return? Wait for the other agent? Really?

This took a big part of a day. At the end of the day, there was nothing from the first agent.

So getting help from this agent was not going to happen I felt. I filled a complaint with DTI. Lazada has NO RIGHT to make you do this work that YOU PAID THEM TO DO. THEY ARE TO DELIVER YOUR ORDER.

The FREE AND EASY is a BIG LIE. It is NOT FREE and far from EASY. I am disabled and have a hard time doing the things I am being forced to do by Lazada. But Lazada cares for nothing.

Lazada, I want the FREE AND EASY.

I wasn't either my order delivered in full or my money returned to my home. As soon as I have to walk out my front door, it costs me money. It costs ALL the customer's money. The fact is this store is dumping things on the customer that they are not ordering.

Chances are the customer will just move on. Not me. By God!

You picked a fight with me. I may go talk to an attorney and see if we can push this into court and make YOU pay his fees.

Free and Easy will be when LBC comes and gets this box of junk and hands me my money back.

Unbelievable the trouble a customer has just to get a few items.

Monetary Loss: $996.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Lazada Philippines Pros: Unlimited items.

Lazada Philippines Cons: False claims, Scams, Hard to do simple procedures, Fake items, Poor customer service.

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Hi Gary L, we understand your disappointments and we appreciate that you reached out to us. For us to settle this matter the soonest, may we know the order number that is associated with your concern?

For more questions and updates, you may reach us via our Contact Us page at

You may also reach us via our Social Media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, IG, Youtube and Google+, LIVE Chat is available from 8am-5pm Mondays-Fridays. Regards!


378845****13269 I tried reaching out on the Lazada website. Dealing with the agents is probably about my least desire in life because it rarely ever turns out good and it takes a big part of the day dealing with the agents and waiting in vain at times.

I think I have played this game before too and it never went any further than this. I gave Lazada my order number and there was nothing but silence. Again, I was playing your game to get my refund and when I needed help I was told some other customer agent would have to help me. I replied to the email that was sent to me by this other agent with no word from anybody.

You have just 2 days and my time is up. Unbelievable the troubles this is. Unbelievable how much money Lazada has taken from me. This isn't the first time.

But this is about the most blatant act of taking somebody's money when you see the same happened to another customer. That other customer got his/her order minus the seat cushion and got a steamer instead. I got nothing but the steamer pot. I left a review and I did post an image of the steamer that I got.

You can clearly see it is not shippable and will need a new box which I would have to find. Just cost more and more no matter how you look at this. This is NOT part of the agreement. The agreement is that I pay P996 for certain items to be delivered to my door step.

If there is a problem then sending them back to Lazada is "free and easy." Free and easy is not even partly true. Sending this order to my door step is not true either. I held my end of the deal and paid my money. And all that is left is Lazada wants me to work for them without pay.

This is not part of the agreement. Make the store pay for this and come get this box of junk out of my home. Lazada already has my money. The store should be made to deliver my order in full or Lazada should bring my money back to me since they failed to stay in the agreement.

I should not have to be a slave to Lazada for this in any way. I don't know why but the images I leave doesn't seem to upload. How come Lazada allows people, stores, to take a clear advantage against the consumer? This was done twice at about the same time as proven with the reviews of the seat cushions.

Maybe more. that we can't see. Where I am it is raining making it pretty much impossible for me to leave my home. I am disabled and rain is a hazard I have to avoid.

I have no choice in the matter until it dries up. Looking at the price of the steamer that was sent, I don't think it is worth the cost of shipping to send back. This store created a huge problem. I got nothing and looks like nothing is in the future.

Am I mad? Yes I am very mad that this happened again. It just gets worse every time you take my money and not fulfill the agreement that is made when I make the purchase. Lazada needs to refund the money.

Come and get this steamer if the store wants it.

Make the store pay the shipping and I PROMISE that ALL the stores would make sure the orders are fulfilled to exact specifications. Stop taking from customers with impunity.


Just as I suspected. The 'lazadaph' commenter never replied.

Just smoke and mirrors. I was basically promised some help as you all can see here. I want to add that I see something different now at Lazada. They removed the "free and easy" and now it is just "easy" returns.

But that does not cover the fact that when I made my return request, it was supposed to be free and easy. It was more like Lazada run and hides. I believe 11 days is long enough to wait for some type of reply. They gave me just a few days to return my order which I could not because I never received it.

With the removal of the free and easy returns pages on their website, I think it more and proves every word I printed here. Zero help.

Just sweep this one under the rug again. Stealing money from the customers.

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