Every heard of the cliché "˜Customers are always right'? Well, not all companies put this to practice. It is very rare these days to come across customer service that responds fast to grievances or concerns. More often, we get pushed aside when they think that there are more important things than what we're "˜whining' about. With online sites being so popular now, more people turn to online buying making it nearly impossible to deal with each complaint right away. Not a lot of companies take into consideration their customers' mishaps anymore that they overlook the fact that they are thought of as a distributor that aims to serve. That's why I was always skeptical buying online. So with this in mind, you can just imagine how surprised I was that my complaint from two days ago was given attention immediately.

I bought a Vivacor 4-piece Cookware Set for my mom who just recently moved to a new place. I got a 10% off Lazada voucher from a friend and thought it would be smarter to claim the discount rather than buy at Abenson or SM at regular price. I wasn't so familiar then with Lazada but I tried my luck after reading a bunch of positive reviews regarding the site. I registered then browsed their Home appliences catalogue. I placed my order (upon seeing the Vivacor set) where below my estimated delivery date was a voucher widget that I had an option to fill out. I filled it out then proceeded to check out. When I saw my final order amount, I noticed that my item was still the same price as the original. I panicked because I already allotted the money I could save to some of my small errand expenses. I just didn't want to put to waste the chance of getting the cookware set for a cheaper price especially that the expiration was at the end of this month. I was hesitant to call because regardless of the office hours they placed on top of their site, I knew it was already late and I personally also don't like being bothered around that time. I called up the customer service line at around eleven pm and surprisingly, it did not take long before someone from the other line answered. I relayed my concern and the man was pleasantly very entertaining. He asked for my personal details and made the minor changes to my order. It was a sigh of relief when he said that everything had been corrected. He apologized for the inconvenience and further assisted me with my other questions regarding the payment method. It was funny because after the phone call, I found out that literally everything I asked was viewable on their site. I realized then how charming and patient he was with me.

I always find it amusing when companies especially something as big as Lazada find time to assist each of their clients. I have to hand it to their customer service department for being able to quickly modify my concerns. Usually, I would have to wait on the phone and suck up long and annoying company jingles before the agent is able to completely provide me with the kind of assistance I need. Haha.

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Manila, Manila, Philippines #740711

I guess you are from Lazada making false reviews


My friend bought me an iPhone 4s from Lazada previous Saturday. It's suppose to be delivered by today but there's still none.

So I called Lazada in Manila (Im in Cebu) only to be told that my friend needs to send documentations of his credit card and ID. I do understand this policy as airlines do that, but prior to charging or accepting card payments, a declaration is being made to this effect. Lazada does not have that. I asked why we were not told of this, the customer service said an email will be sent to us.

What?! After ten days of waiting all we get is an email? And until now there's no email. We will never know this if I didn't call.

Not only that we were left in the dark as to what happened to our order, I am also suspected of fraud! Wait, Lazada did not contact us, Lazada already got our money for ten days without telling us of the needed documentation, they don't have a manager to speak with at their customer service, they have not returned my email inquiries... Who is fraud now? And for ten days, if the order is indeed a fraud, the bank would have called them by now and the owner of the credit card filing a complaint.

I demand that Lazada ship my phone immediately without delay. They cannot compel us for a policy they never declared in the first place, and they already have our money for ten days and counting! The customer service suggested that I refund the purchase.

I wanted to but that would take several transactions again to get the money back plus surcharges from the bank, not to mention interests. No, I will have my iPhone 4s which we have already paid with our money, money that is now earning interests for Lazada without delivering the product, and this shameful post is for Lazada to have for that "bogus" method of getting our money!


did lazada put you up to this? I mean writing this blog and all due too all the negative comments that's been surfacing on the web about them recently?

haha low.

I'm really pissed at them. they better just close down.

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