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I buy TV but I payed in mlhuillier due to the advice of your company customer processing manager name Justin tolinteno

ID number 00169A3

Phone number. 09282600553

I need to trace this person. Thanks

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You got scammed. Some Lazada employees are using the computer system to get customer information and using that to scam people expecting large ticket items.

This has been going on for a long time apparently Lazada can not investigate and find the offenders. How hard is it to see who and when these scammers accessed the system ?

Lazada has little to no security protecting their customers data so buying from them is risky at best. Only buy cod from Lazada so when they or their delivery agents lose your order or don't feel like delivering it you only lose time and not your money.


me too i buy tv. and i paid tru mLhuilier


Hi, PissedConsumer1498091. We do understand your concern as a customer and we understand your disappointments and we appreciate that you reached out to us.

For us to settle this matter the soonest, may we ask for your order number? For more questions and updates, you may reach us via our Contact Us page at

You may also reach us via our Social Media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, IG, Youtube and Google+, LIVE Chat is available from 8am-5pm Mondays-Fridays. Regards!

to LazadaPH #1694689

Why do you post thousands of replies about how you understand. If you guys at Lazada understand why don't you fix these problems instead of lying ?

Lazada customer service is a joke. Agents just read scripted apologies and promise to escalate the issue and then you never hear from them again until you get tired of waiting and call back only to get the same apologies and promises. Lazada knowingly sells fake and counterfeit products to their customers.

Example Ultrafire 18650 batteries, There is no such thing as a 18650 battery rated above 3000mah but there are hundreds of sellers on Lazada selling fake used lap top batteries that have be wrapped in new labels claiming to be 4000mah to 8000mah. Seems like this would be simple enough to fix dumping sellers who sell stuff that does not even exist but Lazada continues to allow their customers to be cheated.

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