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Update by user Apr 21, 2018

Too bad i can no longer attach here the emails you've sent me dated April 5 and 12.(**just lemme copy and paste it here then :) via Apr 12 (9 days ago) to me Dear Ouano Ouano, We received your request to return the item(s) under Order 393672863. We have processed a full refund for your paid amount for the item(s).

The total time for the refund to be reflected in your account depends on your refund method and issuing bank. Cash, Store Credit, and E-wallet refunds are processed within 1-2 business days while credit and debit card and PayPal refunds are processed within 24hrs, in which posting in your account may take up to 5-45 banking days depending on your bank’s policy. If you haven’t returned your item, please return it through LBC or 2GO. You can find the nearest Lazada Return Partner in your area through their branch locator: LBC or 2GO.

Sincerely, Lazada Customer Support --------------- Original Message --------------- From: [] Sent: 04-05-2018 10:52 PM To: Subject: Social Media | RETURNS AND REFUNDS CONCERN | 393672863 Hi Ouano, Good day. We understand how you feel, we’re very sorry. We’re going to take care of this for you and rest assured that this concern will be coordinate with our relevant department. Your patience is highly appreciated.

For more concerns, you can reach us at this link Best regards, Chandler | Community Management ref:_00D7Fxllz._5007FH2521:ref

Update by user Apr 21, 2018

I already know that I should no longer expect anything from your service but you still managed to give again another assurance to resolve my issue and sent me out an email to support your reply on this complaint. I thought you are already on the right track as what you said on this site, you supported that with an action via email and oohhh!

Here is another worst thing. I came to review my email just now and realized that weeks has lapsed already but what you promised did not happen :). So, I must conclude, you just kept on repeating your bad customer service to me giving false expectation and making me wait again! Know what?

Kindly refrain from giving any other false information here! And stop sending out an email for another false assurance :) Your support service is just infectious with all the lies and broken promises!

Update by user Apr 03, 2018

Oh,good thing this review allows me to attach those photos. See it in your eyes Lazada especially the evaluation team.

Just can't understand what your criteria are for the defective items or if still conclude that still not valid/defective.....

probably that is indeed the physical appearance of the Sony Xperia case with a stretched on the volume portion, just thinking what's the use of that portion anyways, is it to hang the handset? lol.

Update by user Apr 03, 2018

******************************************************* And just to update, I was dismayed to received an email to confirm that my return status was actually denied! Despite the fact that for the many conversations I had in all those more than 16 cases I had as confirmed by one Supervisor of yours that it has indeed been approved, processed and done.

To reiterate, REFUND PROCESS HAS BEEN COMPLETED! I still have the recorded copy of that conversation, that was actually 2 conversations I had over the phone both recorded. I just cant believe that this has actually reach to one of your Senior Care Specialist who gave an assurance on that. No one did ever informed me for the last 2 months of my follow up that there was a problem.

And to rebut your claim that I have an invalid reason to return such item, kindly check and review the email that I replied earlier today. I attached on that email why I stand to validate my concern on returning your item. See clearly on the photos that I capture on the day we received the package and put on that case to the handset and see why that unit is not acceptable :). Its just not actually fair, you aren't allowing your customers to make attachments on any of your site particularly on the refund portion just to actually support our claim/reason for returning an item.

Again, I was totally flustered on how I get the response you did not even give an acceptable reason on your email.

But hopefully you'll gonna check that email I replied and see those attached photos. You can definitely make your own judgement hopefully you'll clearly see what I defect I see on your item :).

Original review posted by user Apr 03, 2018

I have been with your chat support team for more than 2 months now in followup for the refund of an item. Too bad I still got no proper resolution to that til now.

Worst experience is that the latest representative i had disconnected me. Seems that I have been a loyal customer to that department getting in touch with them to follow up my issue. It came to a point where one supervisor gave me an assurance to resolve my concern and advised to call/email and that resolution would be provided within 2 business days. I was advised it has already been escalated to the management so I should receive an update soon.

Just so sad that after he called me with a promise to call me at the end of the day that did not happen. I actually able to receive an email for a Senior Care Specialist giving again an assurance that they'll gonna resolve that within the days provided above. Days and weeks have passed, yet no update nor email reached to me. I then again wasted my time online to chat with your customer care representative and gladly was able to get hold of the same supervisor who called me before and then again telling me the same stories...I waited for another days still no new message reached my inbox.

Just recently with another rep, I wasn't able to get hold of any superior despite my request and despite my case has been escalated with no action. That advisor actually disconnected me and I just hope that authorities in such department is serious with their floor policy. Customers maybe impatient and unhappy but it should be the representatives that should possess the value of patience and good customer handling. To be honest I no longer know where this follow up and waiting would bring me.

Your complaint process for sending out a letter to your main office isn't customer friendly moreover it just adds to the agony of the unhappy customers.

Such experience makes me thinks to no longer and visit your site. Indeed it has been an unpleasant experience.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sony Xperia Cell Phone Case.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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yes they are playing on you, that means picking a fight? do not backdown. frustrate them.


Fake chat?Lazada Philippines Patent?


Add to all the complaints about Lazada the fact that they do not allow you to write an honest and factual review on a product. Unless it's all praises, don't waste your time writing a review.

Makes you wonder why the *** they bother you with emails about making a review on your purchase. How this practice would help them *** out (that is if they actually do) the *** products people sell on their site, to perhaps maintain some level of standards for products sold on Lazada?

to Anonymous #1578682

you are right. LAZADA Sucks.


Lazada sells false pre order advertising! When you see that the seller says "Lazada", stay away from it!


Pissed Consumer did send me an email notification that Lazada Ph posted a omment on this review? Just wierdo, where 's that comment of yours Lazada PH?

As of this writing, I see 0 comment on my screen. C'mmon here comes to another false expectation.

" Sa pag-ibig asang-asa na nga ako, dadagdag pa kayong PAASA?! lol


Hi Sir/Madam,We apologize for the inconvenience that may have caused you about your order as well as on our customer service.May we know your order number for us to check the status of your refund? For further assistance, you may click this link You may also reach us via our Social Media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, IG, Youtube and Google+, LIVE Chat is available from 8am-5pm Mondays-Fridays.Best regards,

to LazadaPH #1457581

oh, thanks for the reply but seems that it looks like again scripted...You forgot to read about my updates in my review. Your team sent me out a notification email for denying my case.

Wow! So,what I am asking you LAZADA PH and your EVALUATION TEAM upon seeing those pictures I attached in here to support my claim/reason for returning that item (just excuse those emails of false expectations provided to me and those incorrect infos, I know you'll disregard such action). Just hoping though disciplinary action will be executed or perhaps a retraining to your process and good customer service values ? Now, what is your FIRST JUDGEMENT upon seeing the sony case on the photos?

Is that what really the Sony Xperia case looks like? And also, I 'll just inform that you don't have to bother redelivering the item okay? I suggest, redeliver it to the seller or give it to one of your evaluation team with a Sony handset, have him/her enjoy that casing and I suggest upon using that case kindly put a key chain perhaps? or that stretched portion actually allows her/him to hang the phone in the closet,right?

Think that's the main purpose of that stretched portion yeah? Too bad, neither me nor the person who should use the case doesn't like such added feature on that case :). So better have one of your evaluation team used that perfect sony case, yeah? Anyways, you need the order number right?

That's 393672863 and also I don't wanna waste my time again visiting some of your social media accts okay? I'm just glad there is this website for pissed customers :). We get to shout out our devastation in yourservice.

I think I have spoken all my thoughts on how you prolong my issue and then in the end you did not give your good judgement anyways.. Still okay, but hopefully you won't just read a few lines of this reply and in case you'll respond, make sure you aren't responding to a robot, I am just too tired to hear/read scripted info.

to OrderlyPersian #1457698

Hi Sir/Madam. We understand how you feel, we’re very sorry.

We’re going to take care of this for you.

Rest assured that we will notify you as soonest as possible as we go ahead to follow-up your concern with our relevant department. You may also reach us via our Social Media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, IG, Youtube and Google+, LIVE Chat is available from 8am-5pm Mondays-Fridays.Best regards

to LazadaPH #1470470

And now, just checked my email, whooho! you've just sent me an evaluation email/ survey to your service!

what do you expect from me LAZADA to send to you? You are just so good at sending those surveys but you aint providing the resolution :)

to OrderlyPersian #1606057

fake surveys?

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