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Update by user Aug 01, 2018

Today is August 1, 2018 - After Lazada apologetically (they're good at that, nothing else) said they will see my issue to the end, they referred me to the 3rd party money handler (ALIPAY) and provided me these REFUND SLIPS. I contacted the 3rd party and they said they would research it and get back to me in 3 days.

Well, over a week later, nothing (was I surprised), nada. I contacted them again and was called back later that day. They said they could not help me and that I would have to contact some place called PAYMAYA .. who the *** that is I have no idea.

They said that they were not the people to call, call LAZADA. The cluster F__K cycle continues. I have been busy so I have not called LAZADA back. LAZADA is a joke and their non-payment and constant referrals to others is a CRIMINAL act as far as I'm concerned.

LAZADA - YOU SUCK at everything you do ... and you still have my money. I WANT MY MONEY, nothing else - and I'm done with you. I've lost over $25 (US DOLLARS) in phone calls here in the high cost of phone calls Philippines - YOU SUCK and you should be brought up on trade law charges for SCREWING the customer, now almost $325.00 worth of goods.

It's not the money now so much as it is I'd like to see them get hit up with BIG FINES by whatever regulatory agency that protects consumers in the Philippines, if one does exist .... but I doubt it. That's why LAZADA is able to get away with their crap ... no oversight, nobody watching the CROOKS.

Yeah, pissed consumer is right. In the meantime I've ordered international shipped goods 3 times from AMAZON and the products ALWAYS get here before the time promised. Yeah, I pay a bit extra but at least it's money well spent. LAZADA YOU SUCK and I hope you get yours soon, very soon.

Pissed? Yeah, of course

Original review posted by user Jul 02, 2018

Today is July 2, 2018. I ordered a lens for my camera from what i thought was a reputable online order company. Not fully aware of their business practices, I ordered this at a cost of 8,981 P through my local (Philippines) bank debit card, Master Card.

Lazada cancelled my order and posted a REFUND notice on my logged it site. They stated 'out of stock' even though there was stock advertised. OK, I really needed the lens and it's hard to find anywhere else in the Philippines. I contacted then and they said 'out of stock', your refund has been approved. They told me to check out their refund policy which states UP TO 45 days before the refund gets credited back to your bank. I contacted my bank a good bank here, and they said they would put a 'watch' on the refund and notify me Well, as stated above I STILL have not received my refund.

At the time the REFUND notice was posted I was still a little new to Lazada's policy and had not realized the 45 day possible refund time and ordered the lens again from their site. The lens was magically re-posted on their site. I got the lens in about two weeks and it was an inferior product to what I ordered. They sent a Fuji lens, not even near the specifications of the lens I ordered,, which was a quality M Zuico lens (great stuff). Again, still new to the process about 45 days, I returned the lens and was issued a REFUND notice on their site. This one is now 40 business days old, and almost 60 days past - STILL no refund,

I demanded to speak to a supervisor - HAHAH, what a joke that is. They will not call you back AS PROMISED by customer care. They will just send you an email saying REFUND PROCESSED.

This is, in my mind, criminal theft. They have no 'chain of documents' to present me. I contacted them again. This time I got an email back with a REFUND PROCESSED through a company called ALLPAY..

Taking the ball in my own hands, I sent an EMAIL to ALLPAY and they returned my correspondence rapidly (good old Western values) and said they never heard of Lazada. ALLPAY was in England.

Now, still no refund, still no return from Lazada customer care nor supervisor,

I guess it's time to get an attorney and have them pay all legal fees. So stuipd of the to cause this ... such a CRAP organization that does not assume responsibility for their customers issues nor provide a 'chain of documents' that we can follow up on.

LAZADA, you are thieves - plain and simple. Fix it, give me my over 15,000 pesos back. I've already lost the US/PESO exchange rate of almost 1,000 P value because of this ... Come on Lazada, back up your claims of hassle free shopping.

I doubt your listening though, you don't care.

Product or Service Mentioned: Camera Lens.


Monetary Loss: $300.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: See text of complaint.

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Hi Ma'amSir, we understand your disappointments and we appreciate that you reached out to us. For us to settle this matter the soonest, may we know the order number that is associated with your concern?

For more questions and updates, you may reach us via our Contact Us page at

You may also reach us via our Social Media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, IG, Youtube and Google+, LIVE Chat is available from 8am-5pm Mondays-Fridays. Regards!

to LazadaPH #1622122

This is a typical LAZADA reply. We Understand your disappointments and we appreciate that you reached out to us.

I need a new arm as mine has reached as far as it can reach. LAZADA, you HAVE my phone number, you know who I am, fix it. If I contact you again I will be put back into the circular drum. Make Complaint, a green rep calls back without any way to reply.

Job done, Then I get an EMAIL, "How did we do". Over and over and over again. Todays date is January 1, 2019 and they have finally paid one of the items BUT the payment is close to $10.00 short. So, I assume they'll tell me that it's the debit card or PAY MAYA's charge, not theirs.

This all because LAZADA failed to deliver twice and I have to pay the extra $10.00 in charges. REACH OUT TO ME LAZADA, if you're reading this - look up my account HUGH GORDON ROSS ... it's all there. Scan the orders and see where I spent almost 9,000 pesos for one lens and 7,000 pesos for another and you will see what I'm talking about.

CAN YOU DO IT LAZADA? Yes, of course you can. WILL YOU? Who knows, I'll be waiting for your call, but like the arm, I'll need new ears to listen for the next who knows how long.

DTI Fair trade has been notified so you know I'm keeping up on it.

DO IT LAZADA, and credit me the extra amounts for phone calls and the almost $10.00 missing from the first refund. DO IT LAZADA.


Do not expect them to take action, file a complaint against them at the DTI

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