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So now,after I had to call customer service every day for nearly a month to get lazada to come pick up BEST HOME GYM which had been delivered without the weights and having to deal with the most frustrating incompetent customer care of all time....they finally came and picked it up 2 weeks ago and promised over and over that they would process back my 36,174 pesos within a few days.....still now over two weeks and they are avoiding crediting back my credit card!!! I went back to lazada's website to look up the seller which was GML PRICEWISE whom had also completly ignored my emails to please send me the weights for the unit and now I see by their website that they are not sellers of exercise machines but instead their website is full of sexual perversion items! As a christian,had I been aware of this scam I would never have supported a filthy buisness such as that....and to top off the whole thing,even after scamming me of my money,GML PRICEWISE is still listed as a seller on lazadas website!

It is time for all of the other taken advantage of customers here to unite,and to find an attorney to handle a class action suit case against lazada as they do in the USA to get their attention,to have them fined and even shut down if they refuse to stop their fraudulent behaviors!....many companies in the USA began doing these very same things back in the 1980's of profit before integrity and honesty by believing themselves to be above the law....but by class action suits they found they had been wrong and were penalized until they stopped or were shut down! I would challenge any attorney whom may read this and who also was possibly ripped off to take up this challenge...class action suits can produce a large profit to a attorney willing to go after dishonest giants for the honest little guys!

Lazada is clearly trying to show it's self off as another ...or Ebay ....they have even modeled their website to look exactly like those companies.....but it's all illusion and deception and lazada is not even close to the high levels of customer service and integrity of those 2 companies! Shame on you lazada!shame,shame,shame on you!..the Lord is watching you and no liar or theif will make it into heaven (1 CORINTHIANS 6:9-10).

The Philippines has a new president now who states that all of these corrupt companies will be fined and shut down now,,,,,Lazada would be a good place to start with! Votes (0) Edit review Remove review



• Previous review

So now on the 19th I called again and this time they (a guy named benjie) is argueing with me for 45 minutes (30 minutes off and on of being on hold!) that the pull out team picked up the return on the 15th! (last week they argued they had picked it up on the 8th!) as I tell them over and over again that I am now standing in my house staring at the unit in the box!....but again,'THEY MUST DO A SPECIAL INVESTIGATION and will have to get back to me 24-48 hours!" far I have called the 20 times and spoke to 20 different people and had 20 times of not even 1 of them ever help me with anything! 36,000 pesos purchase! I am an American living in the Philippines and have alot of experience ordering from and and have never ever experienced anything even close to such non caring and unprofessional service! 20 days now they have forced me to deal with hours of non caring people on their chat and help lines to the point of insanity!What is needed now is what the people do in the USA,a class action suit filed against the company by the thousands of other people whom have been abused and victimized by lazada...and go after the only thing lazada cares about which is profit at any cost. Write update Edit review Remove review

Response from Lazada P., Lazada Representative

Responded 2 weeks, 1 day ago

Hi James, thank you for taking our call. we are glad to know that our logistics team was already picked... read more


“Worst customer service of all time”


• Previous review

On Feb. 18th I ordered the Best Home GYM on Lazada from GML-PRICEWISE and received it in Iloilo city on March 1st.Now after calling and chating Lazada care services for the last 18 days to inform them that the 9 weight plates were not delivered (I had called them the moment it was delivered) absolutely nothing what-so-ever has been done.Their customer service say each day that since the seller will not respond,that they will come pick it up to return it...but no one does.I spent 36,000 pesos with the delivery charge and no one at lazada cares.Every day is more false promises and "i'm so sorry to hear that mr. Stanton....blah,blah"....order #3244496813,case #09306968.......18 days of no help/response is criminal fraud behavior Write update Edit review Remove review


Product or Service Mentioned: Lazada Philippines Customer Care.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Monetary Loss: $36174.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Refunds process is slow and disappointing poor customer service.

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Hi James,We apologize for the inconvenience that may have caused you about your order.We will coordinate our heads to know the status of your refund. We will give you a feedback the as soon as possible to the email that we will be sent to you. For further assistance, you may click this link regards,

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